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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 06:36:22 -0700
From: Clone Buggs
Subject: Shifting Gear Chapter 7Chapter ls model masha
7 I left Ross my beeper tenn model nude
number, and was halfway to Mesa and a motel
with a hot shower by the time he got home found it and got out of the
canyon to call me. I knew it had to be him from the time of the call, and
the prefix. I called him back on my car phone, and he answered on the
first ring.
"Gerry, I was hoping you would still be here when I got home." His
voice was a little sad.
"Sorry Ross. I really have got to stick to some sort of schedule,
or my whole life will fall apart. The extra sleep was wonderful, and I'm
eternally grateful..."
"But." He interrupted me. "It was fun while lsm model photos
it lasted..."
"Hey. That's not fair. I left my beeper number didn't I?"
"Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry. It's just that I really like you
"And you expect me to stay in your Shangra la for ever and ever."
"Well no, but."
"Look, I come through your area at least once a month, and
sometimes more often than that. modelo nudistas
Believe me, you'll see me again sooner or
"Sooner I hope."
"Well listen, I've been thinking about something. Have you got any
time off in the next week or two?"
"I could get it. What do you have in mind?"
"I've nn amelia models
got to talk to a friend in Tucson to see if he's willing to
let me use his place for what I have in mind. I'm thinking of throwing a
special kind of party if you're interested in coming."
"I'm always interested in cuming." He chuckled.
"Ouch. I laid myself open for that one. Didn't I."
"Couldn't resist it."
"In any case, when I work out the details, I'll call you with the
date and place."
"Sounds great buddy."
"Great, talk to you later bud." I stopped the call, and drove into
the lot of my Mesa job. They had super thin model
a minor problem mostly caused by an
inexperienced kid inputting cadillac sports models
bad data. It took me twenty minutes to get the
system back up in working order. It would have been tiny models xxx
ten minutes if the
little fag who had fouled up the system hadn't been drooling all over every
move I fetish webcam model
made. I hadn't taken the time to clean up before reporting to the
job. He kept sniffing the smell of mansex on me and licking his lips.
After I finished the job, I stopped in the men's room to clean mallisa teen model
up a
little. He followed me in and locked the door.
"Don't you think they'll notice the door's locked?"
"Oh who cares. Nothing but bitches reon model
here anyway. Nobody ever uses
this toilet but me. All the executive guys have their own up stairs, and
I'm the only guy down here in data entry."
"So what did you have in mind?"
"You smell so wicked, makes me hard as a rock. Can I blow you?"
"Buddy, you couldn't get my dick down your throat if you used
"Oooo. Is it that big?" He stepped closer and put a hand on my
"Look, I'm sorry, you may not care, but I do." I pushed his hand
away. "Now get sexy lollita models
the hell away from amc teen models
me so I goth girl models
can get cleaned up." He backed
away and shielded his face as if he thought I was going to hit him. I put
a hand on his shoulder, and he winced.
"Say kid, cut the act. I'm not going to hurt you. I just don't
like your style of approach." He opened his eyes nn model sarah
and looked at me. "How
old are you anyway?"
"I'm old enough."
"What? eighteen?"
"Yeah, I'm eighteen. So fashion supermodels
"So take it easy. You've got your whole life in front of you. You
don't need to try to blow every man you run into in a toilet."
"I don't get any other chances. I've answered some ads in papers
and magazines, but mostly it's real old guys that can't get it up anymore.
Most of them just want to play with me, childporn models
and won't even suck me off teen models prteen
so afraid."
"Yeah, I know the type. I've always thought they were so fucking
deep in the closet they're really straight." I youngmodelsex
was beginning to feel sorry
for the kid. I looked him over. except for a few pimples, he wasn't hard
on the eyes. A bit thin for my taste, and totally too fruity to suit me,
but he was so earnest, he was getting to me.
"What time are you off work?" His eyes widened as he looked at me.
"I can leave any time. Because the computer was down, they didn't
assign me anything to do except read the software documentation. Tre
boring, nes pa?"
"Stick to English you're fruity enough with out adding French."
"Ooo. Do you like French?"
"And Greek. What about you?"
"Oh I'm a slut for everything."
"And you haven't found any men to take care of you?"
"Well, famous petite models
my mother's boyfriend fucks me when she's not around, but
he's not my type. I used to have a friend model wallpapers
my age that used to jerk off
with me, but he wouldn't let me touch him at all, and after his mother
caught us whacking off in her panty darling model imgboard
drawer, teen model charming
she little cute model
won't let him see me
"Sounds like you've got problems."
"I do. Are you going mary carey model
to help me out?" He reached for my cock
"Not here I'm not." I told him to toplist modell kid
close up his shop and meet me
around the corner. I had to finalize the job with the office manager
before I could supermodels hot
leave. I didn't want that nosy woman noticing he and I were
leaving together.
He was gone out the door in a flash, and I finished model valerie baber
washing up and
strolled out to the office manager's desk. The kid was already gone. She
signed off on my work order, and I told her the kid needed to get some
intensive training, or they would have korean sexy model
the same kind of problems again.
She promised to make him hit the books, and I left the building.
The incest models drawings
kid was being cute on the corner. when he saw me pull out of
the parking lot, he stuck out his thumb and posed like Betty Grable with a
hand on his angel teen models
nelly hip. I muttered under my breath, and pulled to the curb
to let him get into the car.
"Where are we going?" He slid a hand into my lap and started
feeling my cock through my pants.
"Cut it out. You want to get me busted?" He pulled his hand away
and looked hurt. "I'm sorry kid. I don't even know your name, I pick you
up on the corner, with you camping it up for everybody watching, and the
first thing you do is grab my dick."
"Joe." He scrunched down in his seat, and shoved his hands in his
"I'm Gerry. I shouldn't be doing this, but I happen to like
chicken." He looked at me with interest, forgetting his sulk.
"I like chicken kacy model torrents
too. Are you hungry?" I chuckled at his naivete.
The kid didn't know much about his scene, only that he wanted it bad.
"Yeah, I toplees teenmodel
am. You know a good place to eat?" He sat up in the seat
and nude models london
looked at me models photos thumbnails
"What do you like? I'm starved."
"I like Mexican."
"I know a good place over on University it's cheap, but the food is
"Great, point the way." The place he took us to was a former blaxim models
food chain shop. I recognized the old style drive-in from its fading
golden arches. The new owners had built an awning to break the sun, and
had placed half a dozen picnic tables under the shade. We were the only
customers, and sat at the cleanest table away from road noise, and ate our
burritos and tacos. He'd ordered a giant soft drink that was too big for
him to pick up with one hand. I had svetlana chilmodel
my usual black coffee. The kid was
right, the woman I could see in the kitchen through the dusty glass wall,
knew her stuff. I popped a jalapeno chili into my mouth, and chewed. Joe
picked one up by it's stem and looked at it.
"Are they really hot?" I shrugged, and took another one off the
foil and chewed it. He took a deep breath, and popped the whole minichamp models
into his mouth like I had done. He chewed, and the color of his cheeks
began to change. Sweat broke out on his forehead, but he continued to
chew. He took it for as long as he could, before he swallowed. He tried
to be nonchalant about picking up the big drink with both hands.
"Is it burning?" Tears were forming in his eyes and I stopped him
from drinking. "Here." I picked up a packet model kili anderson
of sugar from the little
basket on the table. I tore it open and poured it into his hand. "Lick
this, and hold foam model planes
it on your tongue until it dissolves." He did as he was
told, and after a moment, his breathing began to return to normal.
"Thanks," he wiped his forehead with a napkin, and picked up his
"Sugar neutralizes the ellie teen model
oils. Liquid only spreads them."
"How do you eat them whole without dying?"
"I never thought about it much. I've always liked hot spicy
things. It doesn't bother me."
"Well it bothers me."
"So don't make a fool of yourself. Learn what you can tolerate and
don't go beyond that point."
"Yeah, ass models portfoio
I guess you're right."
"So tell me Joe, what's your story?"
"My story?"
"How did you get to be such a raving fag?" He looked at me with
surprise on his face.
"You think I'm raving?"
"If you're not, you're not far from it kid. So what brought you
"I don't know exactly. I think I've always been this way. I can't
remember ever being interested in girls."
"When did you get started with gay sex?"
"Umm, I was thirteen or fourteen the first time."
"Did you initiate it, or did the guy?"
"I guess I did. I sat next to this older guy in the movie theater
one Saturday, and noticed he was playing with himself under his coat which
was folded in his lap. He kept looking at me, and I got the idea he wanted
me to touch his dick, nonude models previw
so I did. It felt so big it scared me. My little
pecker was tiny compared to his. I don't think I'd ever seen a man's
erection before. russian supermodels naked
It excited me, and even though I was afraid, I wanted to
touch it.'
`He raised his coat and showed it to me, and I reached over and
took it with my hand. He moaned and grabbed my wrist. Before I knew what
was happening, he'd cum all over himself and my hand. I was excited by
feeling his cock shoot off while I was holding it so tight. I had only
recently started to cum, and was still a little confused by it all.
Anyway, he asked me to go down to the john in the basement and help him
clean up.'
`When we got down stairs, he went into a stall and told me to come
in and shut the door. I import models
was afraid someone would come in and catch us, but
he said that nobody but fags ever came down to the basement toilet.'
`He asked me to lick the cum off his pants and nudeblackmodel
cock. I'd already
licked it off my hand. While I was licking his cock clean, it started to
get hard again, and before teen model artistic
long I had it in my mouth sucking my first cock
ever. He was so horny, he came again this time in my mouth. bikini model mayhem
When I
finished him, he pulled me up and undid my pants and gobbled my little
dick. I don't think he had me in his mouth for more than twenty seconds
before I creamed his tonsils. It was so fucking hot, I couldn't get it to
go down.'
Finally the guy told me he had to young models nudity
get back to work. I told him preeteen model galleries
was still horny and I wanted him to suck me some more. He asked me to come
to his apartment later that evening. When I got there, it turned out he
had a friend visiting, and I thought nothing was going to happen because of
this other guy. They were drinking Martinis, and offered me one. I'd
never had erotik modell nrw
hard liquor before, and it made me feel grown up. It wasn't long
before they started talking about sex, and I could see their cocks were
getting stiff in their young model series
pants, just like mine.'
Ralph, the guy who's apartment it was got up and put on a porn
video. It showed these two kids about my age sucking each other off. I
was watching the film, and noticed Ralph and little young models
the other guy who's name was
Tom I think, had pulled their dicks out and were stroking them. I pulled
mine out too and all three of us were sitting around choking voluptuous latina model
our dicks and
watching the video. The martini was making me drunk, but I didn't know it
at the time. I was just feeling super sexy.'
`Tom started asking me if I'd ever fucked anybody. He didn't just
come out and say: `have you ever fucked anybody,' he asked me if I knew
what it felt like to have my dick inside a man's butt. Did I know what it
felt like to shoot a load inside a guy; things like that. Well that only
made me hotter. Finally, I asked him if I could fuck him. I was nervous,
but he seemed willing to let me try out on his butt.'
`Both guys stood up and started to strip. I was a little unsteady
from the Martini, but nude goth models
I shed my clothes too. We were all asain child models
standing around
naked, I didn't know what to do next, so Tom got down on his hands and
knees in front of the TV screen. Ralph got some lube and a condom. He
showed me how to to put the rubber on, and then showed me how to properly
lube a guy's hole for fucking. I couldn't wait to try. I got into
position, and Ralph helped put my dickhead into Tom's ass, and told me to
push it all the way into him. I did as I was told, and felt Ralph behind
me spreading my ass crack with his hands.'
`Ralph told me to go ahead and start fucking Tom's butt. He told
me he was going to rim me while I fucked Tom. I didn't know what that was,
but he soon had his tongue up my asshole, and I couldn't believe the
sensations. I blew off real quick, but I was having transexualmodelslesbian
so much fun, my dick
wouldn't go down. I just beretta model 26
kept teen modelling
fucking Tom just like I hadn't cum at all.
Ralph was going to town on my asshole, and finally he decided he wanted to
fuck me. He asked me if he could try, and I told him to go ahead, but it
was the first time so he had to stop if it hurt.'
`He lubed me with a finger for a few minutes, while I was fucking
Tom. He told me he was going to put a second finger into me to stretch my
ass ring a little. The second one hurt a little, but he started to lick
and suck my earlobe. It wasn't long before I forgot about the pain in my
ass. He slipped a third finger into 2009 models
me without telling me, but ala models girls
it didn't
cause sexy playmate models
as much pain as the two fingers had. He told me I was loose enough
to take his cock. He put a rubber on with his free hand, and I felt his
fingers slide out of me, and something bigger force its way in. russion nude models
I started
to breathe harder, having a hard time catching my breath. He stayed where
he was until I young model forfun
calmed down, and then slid his dick all the way into me with
one hump. I think I screamed, because he clamped a hand over my mouth and
started fucking me like a piston.'
`Tom wanted to see the action of me getting fucked by Ralph, and
pulled my dick out of his butt. He took his dick and stuck it into my
mouth and told me to start sucking. I was dizzy from the Martini, and my
head just wobbled all over the place, but I sucked him the best I could.
It must have been good enough, because he shot his wad in my mouth and and
then got on his back and scooted under me and took my dick in his mouth. I
must have been ready, because I creamed his tonsils right away, and then
felt Ralph start to shoot off in my butt.'
`I saw those guys for a long time, maybe two years or so, at least
once a week and sometimes more. They made some hot videos of me fucking
them sucking them and getting done by both of them at the same time. I
guess I miss them. We had lots of good times."
"What happened? Why don't you still see them?"
"Well, Tom got busted for enticing a kid to get into his car at a
school yard. Some teacher saw it happen, and called the cops. He didn't
get two blocks away before they stopped him. The poor sucker already had
his hard dick out, and was trying to get the kid to touch him when the cops
got him. Well they busted Ralph too when they searched the apartment and
found all those videos of both of them having sex with at least a dozen
kids from victoria teenmodel
around town. The cops said they were selling the videos teens nude model
to other
men around the country. Maybe so, but videos hairy models
they treated me nice. Better than
my mom's butt fucking boyfriend."
"What's the story about him?" He took a long pull from his soda
and looked across the street where a woman was walking a tiny dust mop of a
"Hey, look girlls models video
at that funny little dog." I glanced at the dog, and
then back to his face. What I saw was just possibly the purest form of
hate a man is capable of.
"Does he hurt you Joe?" I put a hand over his and looked into his
eyes. He was still watching the dog, but I could see moisture rising, and
his chin was trembling. Finally, he got control of himself, and with a
loud sniff, turned his head and looked into my eyes.
"The bastard rapes me all the time." He wiped his nose with the
back of his hand.
"Did you modeling nude portfolio
tell anybody?"
"Nah, nobody would do anything. My mom's planning to marry him in
a few months. She doesn't want to hear her lover rapes her son on a regular
"We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I patted
his hand.
"Actually I architectural model build
want to talk about it. No one knows about it but me
and him. He's threatened to take me out in the desert and kill me if I
tell nude models pretteen
anyone. But I want to tell you."
"O.K. so tell me then." I took a sip of my coffee, and put my
elbows on the table.
"The first time, he came over to fix something that was teen runway models
broken in
the house; plumbing or something. My mom was at work, and I didn't know he
was coming over. I'd been home from school,about thirty minutes and was
laying on my bed naked jerking off with 11 youngchild models
a magazine Tom and Ralph had given
me. The cover had a picture of two guys fucking, and the guy porn top model
being fucked
was jerking a monster cock, and he was just shooting his wad. I was so
into what I was doing, I didn't hear him come in, and with wall to wall
carpeting, I don't know how long he'd been standing in the hall watching
He had his boner out and was stroking it when nonude models baby
I noticed him. I
threw the magazine off the bed, hoping he hadn't seen the cover, and asked
him what he wanted. He came into my room and climbed onto my bed and
swallowed my dick. He sucked me for a minute, then made me get into a
sixty-nine with him. He shoved his cock down my throat until I was gaging,
and told me to get it good and wet because nude perteen model
he was going to fuck me with it.
I started to get scared. I had been mad, but the way he was treating me
was scary.
`He flipped me over, and put his dick head in my ass, and grabbed
my hips and pulled my butt onto his hardon. I started screaming from the
pain, but he put his hands on my neck and said if I didn't shut up he'd
choke me to death. He fucked me until he came and didn't even use a
rubber. He told me if I ever bikini model rape
told anyone about it he'd dump my body where
the only ones to find it would be the buzzards.'
`He does me when ever he catches me alone, erika teen model
but someday I'll get
even. I plan on killing the mutherfucker."
"Don't do that Joe, you'll just pay the rest of your life for
something that's easily handled."
"How? My mom won't believe me if I tell her. She knows I don't
like him, so she'll just think I'm trying to queer her relationship."
"I think I have an idea for a plan might put a stop to him raping
you. Take my beeper number, and I want you to gather some information for
me." I took a napkin from the holder on the table, and wrote out a list of
things I would need from alex teen model
him. He read it over and said it was easy. In
the car with him again, I asked him where I could drop him. He set up a
protest so loud, I finally agreed to let him come to my room.
I dropped him off around the corner from the motel I usually stayed
in, and told him to watch what room they gave me and to come up quietly
after I was inside for five minutes. I checked in and parked my car. I
gathered my travel necessities from the trunk, and climbed the stairs to my
room. He didn't wait the five minutes before tapping on my door.
I let him in and he went straight to the bed and started stripping
his clothes off. I watched him go about this until he was down to his
Marky Mark shorts which were tented by what must have been at least eight
inches of dick. I couldn't resist his brashness, and I felt my own third
leg begin to thicken between my legs.
He stood up and pushed his boxers off his nonexistent hips and let
his boner flip up against his super flat stomach. The head came up all the
way to his belly button. He stepped over to where I was standing watching
his strip, and began tugging at my t shirt. I leaned down and kissed miss teen models
on the lips. He pulled back and looked at me.
"Wow, he said, nobody's ever kissed me before." He ls model imagevenue
then proceeded
to clean my tonsils with his tongue for several minutes. By the time we
broke it off, he was trembling in my arms. He finished pulling my shirt
over my head, and spent some time sucking and nibbling on my nipples. tropicana bikini models
must admit the kid was into his scene. This was no act, he was hungry in
more ways than one.
I unbuckled my belt, and pulled my jeans down. My rampant dick
came junior model teens
flopping pe teen models
out into his hand. I hobbled to vlad model rapidshare
the edge of the bed, and
asked him to pull my ayleen teen models
boots off. He had me naked as he was in a few
"Ooo man, what a body. He was rolling on me like a puppy playing
with a new toy. First he'd nip a tit, then suck a nut, then pull the hair
on evie model pussy
my chest with his lips. It didn't take him long to end up in a
sixty-nine with me on the bottom being fed his hefty cock an inch at a time
while he was doing the lalana model tgp
same to mine. The kid was good at his chosen
lifestyle. Once he got to be of age, he'd make out all right. He'd have
to beat fags off with a stick.
He wanted me to fuck him, so we prepared him with lube, and I had
him sit on me while I was stretched out under him. I could see his face
that way, and we could play with each other's tits. He loved it, I could
barely keep my cock inside him he was so wild humping my dick. After about
fifteen minutes, japan pretee model
he grabbed my nipples in his fists and squeezed hard. His
balls pulled up against his cock, and I was drenched by shot after shot of
his steamy cum. When he tightened up his ass ring, it brought me to the
edge, and I filled my rubber with a healthy load as well.
We gradually subsided into normal breathing, and he leaned down and
kissed me gently on the eyes. When he did, my softening cock oozed out of
his well fucked illegal kiddy models
"Thank you Gerry." His earnestness was touching.
"I should be thanking you Joe."
"For what?" He nuzzled my ear, and slid around on the cum slick
he'd deposited on my chest.
"For one of the best fucks I've ever had." It was not far from the
truth. The kid had put everything he had into it.
"Really?" He seemed very happy that I thought he was a good fuck.
"Really. I wouldn't shit you child model foro
about something like that."
"Gosh, Nobody ever told me I was a good nake model
fuck before."
"Not even Tom or Ralph?"
"No. They just told me what to do to them so they could get off.
I guess I owe ls modelscom forum
them a lot for my training."
"I guess you do. But I suspect you bring alot of your own
enthusiasm to the game, which is what makes it non models nude
so good for your partner."
"Well, I sure liked having your big dong in my butt. It felt like
heaven. Hey, listen, I've got to go. Some of my friends want to go out
for pizza. You want to come?"
"I don't think so, I'd be out of place. An adult premodels teen
in a crowd of
teens. Thanks any way."
"The guys would really dig you. They'd look up to you Gerry. Most
of them are from broken homes like me. Why don't you come?"
"I've got a lot of business to catch up on Joe. I don't have a
permanent place to live, so I do my living on the phone. I've gotta lot of
calls to make before I sleep tonight." My beeper had registered
thirty-four calls when I had last checked it just before he'd angels models
knocked on my
"So get dressed now, shower if you want, but I've got work to do."
He bent and kissed me again, and started pulling his Boxers on over his
semi-erect cock.
"You know, I like kissing you. And I like having the smell of our
sex on my body. I don't think I'll shower for a week." I laughed at him.
"What will non nnude model
your friends think when they smell mansex all over you?"
"They'll think I've been fucked again. They smell it on me all the
time. I think some of them are getting horny enough to ask me to do it
with them."
"They know you're gay?"
"Of course, you think I can hide my queerness from my friends?" I
laughed again, and he camped around the room, trying to pull his pants on.
He came back and stood in front of me and took my face in his hands. He
looked into my eyes and I into his.
"Call my beeper tomorrow, Saturday, and be at a phone where we can
talk. I'll need all the information japanese model girls
I asked you to get by then. Can you
do it?"
"Do I get bare and swish in the woods?"
"Oh Puleeze. Just get out of here." He kissed me on the cheek and
laughed. He finished tying his shoe laces, and skipped over to the door.
He looked back and smiled at me then was gone closing the door behind him.
I vladmodel free pics
stood up and stretched my body, scratched my nuts, and headed for
the bathroom. A shower was in order, then I had to start in on the pile of
calls on the beeper. I picked it up and glanced at amateur model texas
it again. Thirty-eight
now. Well, it was Friday night, the natives were restless, but then
weren't they always.